You know what, there just aren’t enough food blogs on the world wide interwebs. That’s what absolutely no one said for a long long time. Except for me. In a way that makes it  a devastatingly original thought, as no one else has had it. So I decided to start this one.

I belong to a food obsessed extended family. We talk about food all the time. While we are eating a meal we are planning the next one. We’re like a bunch of pot heads with the munchies.

I thought about pursuing a career in food – I worked as a waiter for several years in my 20’s in various posh establishments in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and a bit in London before deciding to go back to Uni and finish my degree – that’s another story.

My daughter is a baker, my niece a private chef. My wife Anna’s Italian grandfather was head chef at Quaglino’s between the wars, her father was a foodie and worked in the business, was friends with food writer Elizabeth David and for a short while was her basil dealer in the days before you could buy it in every supermarket.

Some people say that Anna, my wife, is the best cook that they know. I am one of the people who say that. I love to cook when I can get into the kitchen – I tend to do the glory cooking, when there is an audience, but I rely on Anna to make sure what I produce is any good. But I love the whole culture around food. I particularly like high quality and unfussy food, what some call peasant food done well with great ingredients.

The name of the blog comes from EM Forster who said, ‘The main facts in human life are five: birth, food, sleep, love and death”. I’m not going to argue. It gives me scope to wander around the subject a bit, so I probably will.

I’m planning to do deepish dives into specific topics, bring in a bit of history (my degree – see above) now and then, do some recipes, taste some food and talk to some fun and/or interesting people as we get going. But for now, let’s see where it goes.

In due course there will be videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok as well if you use those.

In any case – I appreciate you having a look and I hope you enjoy the content on here and on the other ‘bfsld’ channels.

Miles Bullough, June 2023